Specialist Teaching Programs

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Sport, Visual Arts, Music Dance and Drama, and Literature programs are taken by all students.

Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education is taken for one hour each week and develops skills in movement & co-ordination, to promote the acquisition of healthy behaviours and relationships. At Years 3 to 6, all students are also involved in at least one hour of sport per week. Students at all year levels experience swimming lessons as a part of the curriculum. Serpell Primary was recently honoured to be presented with the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Outstanding Achievement in Physical Education & Sports Award.

Visual Arts

All students experience one hour of Visual Arts each week. They develop skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, construction and art appreciation.

Music Dance and Drama

This program provides specific teaching in the expressive arts and develops skills in performance & appreciation. Students are provided with contexts to celebrate and demonstrate their developing skills through a range of concerts and school productions.


Students study literature and develop research skills in a modern computerised library.


Reasoning and conceptual skills are critical in preparing students for the 21st century where technology and social interactions are continually changing.