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Our classroom programs include English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, and the study of Society and Environment.


English is the subject of greatest emphasis in our school. Students at Serpell study English and communication skills through the areas of Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing. Ten hours per week are allocated to this vital subject, with the prime hours of 9am - 11am daily devoted to classroom teaching of literacy skills. In addition to the traditional skills in literacy, Serpell P.S places strong emphasis on students acquiring sophisticated skills in IT literacy, critical thinking and public speaking.


The teaching of numeracy skills is a program of critical importance and is taught for 5 hours per week, with one hour per day allocated from classroom teaching time, normally from 11.20 - 12.20. Mathematics covers the areas of space, number, measurement, reasoning & strategies and chance & data.

Science and Technology Science

This is a high profile subject at Serpell, which explores the fields biological, chemical, earth & space and physical science. The students learn to observe, investigate, analyse, reason, question and seek solutions. The Prep students have their own Environmental Science Garden to observe weather changes and the life cycles of plants. At Years 5 & 6 level, the school has a relationship with the Murdoch Institute to introduce the study of Genetics. Links in this program are made between science, ethics and society. The school is also actively developing the Problem Based Learning approach to thinking skill development.

The study of Society and Environment

In this subject, students learn to explore and develop knowledge and understandings of their community, society and natural environment.