School Council

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The School Council is responsible for the governance of the school.

It has provision for 15 members; 8 parents, 4 teachers, 1 Parent Association member, 1 community member and the Principal as Executive Officer. School Council meets on the third Monday of each month at 7.30pm in the school staffroom. It operates sub-committees in Education, Finance, Facilities and Alumni.  Elections are held in March each year and are traditionally very well contested.

The current Serpell School Council is as follows:

President Natalie Lauder
Vice President Richard Turner
Treasurer Nishantha Jayawardena
Secretary Kim Jones
Executive Officer Wilma Culton (Principal)
Parent Association Rep Natalie Lauder
Community Rep Reetika Dhir
Parent Members Gus Cantone
Bill Xie
Ayman Shaheen
David Pappas
Josie Schena
Pranil Chandra
Staff Members/DET Reps Kim Jones
Costa Kotsiras
Sue Young
Jeanette Breen