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"Our greatest concern was that our girls would settle in and be happy. On the first morning at Serpell, a mother of a child in my daughter's class approached me smiling and introduced herself and her child. She assured me that her daughter would play with mine and help her through the day. I felt so reassured and welcome." James.

"We came to Australia to give our children a better future. We felt as though we were living on the edge and when we left South Africa it seemed that we were leaving everything behind. When the Principal took us on a school tour at Serpell, she spoke to many students around the school who were from our country and I immediately felt reassured, knowing that there was a bridge to our new life. I knew then that we would not be isolated as we were not the only South African family in the school." Trish

"Coming to Australia is a process of rebuilding, establishing networks, finding work, a house and a school. It is important not to become reclusive. I have been humbled by the welcome that I have received at the school and in this country."

Serpell Primary welcomes families from South Africa. At present we have 30 families enrolled at the school. We also have employed teachers from South Africa, so that we have an excellent understanding of prior learning and are able to easily plan for each child’s schooling. The Parent Association has organised special functions for migrating families including:

- The African Barbeque
- Welcome to Serpell Evenings

Families from South Africa will also find it easy to establish links through the Serpell Tennis Club, the Serpell Fair Committee and numerous Parent Association functions.

Needing to speak to a former South African about relocating?

Contact us at serpellps@edumail.vic.gov.au and we will connect you with a member of the South African parent community who may make the linkage easier for you.

Needing help with a house?

Kate Sterrenberg from Landfield Real Estate will be pleased to assist you. Kate is form South Africa and a parent at Serpell. Visit Landfield at www.landfield.com.au or email Kate at kate@landfield.com.au.